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Our bodies are designed to heal naturally from the inside out; we have innate intelligence, or inner wisdom, in the body that functions perfectly.

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Chiropractic Care

A natural form of health care that uses spinal adjustments to correct improper motion(s) of tissue(s) whether in the spine or extremities and restore proper function to the nervous system, helping your body to heal naturally.

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We believe that the pursuit for optimal wellness is an active process of making choices toward a more healthy existence.

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Sickness care: reactively treats the symptoms of disease after they occur vs. Wellness care: proactively prevents poor health and disease and slows the aging process.

Welcome to Advance Health & Wellness Solutions, a professional health-care and chiropractic clinic. We design solutions to your particular health-care needs, issues, problems/concerns; by using chiropractic care, science based nutrition: using your very own tissue mineral/hair analysis, urine and/or comprehensive blood panel; nutritional support, herbal(s), and energetic healing that can even include low level energy green/red LASER treatment(s). Our staff is friendly, well educated and trained to serve you.  We believe in good old fashioned values of care and combine these with the latest advances and solutions for your health as we are always at the cutting edge of what modern health-care and technology has to offer.  We design specific treatment pathways and plans to suit and address your individual needs; our treatment methods and techniques will assist you in alleviating your pain, and bring harmless soothing comfort to your every concern.  We are here to help you recover and improve your health as our concern first and foremost is you.

Over the years Doctor Bert Rodriguez Munnet has evolved and perfected his techniques to profoundly relax and clear your stress and nervous system, to help your muscles and organs work better and to restore the proper working order of your whole body / person.  He makes it his personal concern to listen and address all of your needs, questions and issues.  He provides the utmost individual care to the best of his ability with his extensive knowledge and experience. Dr. Bert strives for excellence in patient treatment, education and satisfaction and with over a 30 years of practice and experience he is committed to relieving your pain(s), and helping you recover while optimizing your health.

Happy Clients

Within two weeks, I had already started seeing changes. I had more energy and I had even lost 5 lbs without diet or exercise (I believe this was from toxic bloat)! Gaining confidence, I had started to follow Dr. Bert’s advice to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into my diet. Slowly my cough was subsiding and within four months it was completely gone! For years I have had to live with this debilitating cough that Dr. Bert was able to rid in mere months!
Today I continue to see Dr. Bert for maintenance, immune system strengthening, treating infections, and even weight loss. I am so glad I decided to give herbal medication a try, and I am extremely thankful for Dr. Bert for giving me my life back! For all those that are dealing with an ailment, explore the possibility of herbals! Dr. Bert is amazing; I just wish I found him sooner!


I've only been to two visits, but thus far, the colon pain has improved.  I'm doing his recommended cranberry drink detox and its helping me so very much thus far. As a healer myself, I believe in a healthy living lifestyle, so his care is reinforcing.

I've already recommended him to lots of my patients, family and friends.  I'm also bringing my mother in a week, so she can benefit from his type of treatment.  

I love the care and respect I received from both Dr. Bert and Annie at Advance Health and Wellness Solutions.  They make a great team! 


My first visit with you could not have been more different.  “Would I ever be able to jog again?”  I asked.  “I don’t see why not,” you replied.  You talked to me about nutrition, and introduced me to some wonderful foods such as Greek yogurt and pure cranberry juice, which are now part of my regular diet.

During my visits to your office, you explained each step in my treatment plan, making me feel like we were partners in my healing. When my tight schedule dictated that I bring my children to your office during my treatment sessions, you welcomed them with warmth and made them feel at home.

I write this letter strong of body and filled with gratitude.  I appreciated your holistic approach to healing me, and I have sung your praises to many of my friends and family.  Please feel free to share my letter with any of your prospective patients because I want them to know that I am one very satisfied customer of Advance Health and Wellness Solutions.


“When I first met Dr. Bert just under a year ago, I had lost all hope. I weighed over 200lbs, my blood pressure levels were 169/102 mm Hg and I was truly worried about my health. Physicians told me I needed to lose weight and exercise more and prescribed Hypertension medication. I’ve always been conscious that I have a strong genetic and pre-disposition for Hypertension, Heart Disease and even Diabetes. It wasn’t until I held that prescription in my hand that I knew I had to make a change in my life before it was too late.

Advance Health and Wellness truly saved my life. I was not only able to lose over 60lbs but most importantly I reached optimal blood pressure levels without medications! I learned how the body works and the importance of nutrition, not to mention learning how to cook healthy and delicious meals (my wife was very happy about that!!!). Dr. Bert, and his friendly knowledgeable staff were there to support and help me reach my health and wellness goals. They are fully committed to their patients/clients, and were there to guide me every step of the way. If you are ready to embark on your very own journey.  I truly recommend you give them a call.”

A. Diaz

Advance Health and Wellness Solutions

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