14 Natural Ways to Prevent the Common Flu and Colds

Oscillococcinum is wonderful use it at the onset of not feeling well and it will help within 24 hours. Manuka Honey, is also great for healing strep throat and sore throats.

  1. Optimize your vitamin D level. Adequate levels of vitamin D are essential for our immune systems. Unfortunately there are no significant dietary sources of vitamin D, most of our intake comes from exposure to sunlight. If you live far from the equator, you simply don’t get enough sun through Fall and Winter to make all the vitamin D you need. So unless you supplement during this period, your innate immunity will be compromised.
    We know that influenza always gets worse during the winter months. Now there is good evidence to suggest that this is because as sunlight hours lessen during the winter, the people living in the northern hemisphere become vitamin D deficient and are more susceptible to influenza infections of all kinds.
  2. Get adequate sleep. This is an indispensable requirement for a strong immune system.
  3. Get adequate exercise. This keeps you robust.
  4. Take actions to lower your stress levels. Do breathing exercises, meditate, practice yoga, and spend time doing something that makes you happy. Feeling spent, overwhelmed and or mentally run down has a causal relationship to your physical health.
  5. Wash your hands frequently. It decreases your likelihood of spreading a virus to your nose, mouth or other people. Be sure you don’t use antibacterial soap because of the risk of creating resistant bacteria. Rather use a simple chemical-free soap.
  6. Avoid sugar and processed foods as they decrease your immune function dramatically.
  7. Eat phytonutrient rich meals (lots of colorful salads and dark greens).
  8. Eat lots of garlic, it works as a broad spectrum antibiotic.
  9. Take a probiotic daily (with 10-20 billion organisms). A strong immune system relies                     heavily on having a strong foundation in the gut.
  10. Keep a supply of antiviral herbal supplements on hand. As opposed to antiviral drugs,               antiviral herbs do not cause resistant strains because they are multifaceted and contain literally thousands of different medicinal compounds. Thus they are able to attack viruses with a full spectrum of synergistic substances. Andrographis, Olive leaf extract, Grapefruit seed extract and Elderberry extract all have antiviral properties. Use one or a combination of some of them as a prophylactic measure, for example, whenever you travel (airports) or enter a potentially compromised environment such as a large office, auditorium, stadium, theater etc.
    And if you really want to go all out, here are 4 more tips:
  11. Take 1-2 grams of fish oils daily– it’s beneficial for immune function.
  12. Take 2 grams of vitamin C daily, yes it does help.
  13. Stock your home pharmacy with an immune building formula. Look for one that contains    Cordyceps and Astragulus — take it throughout the flu season.
  14. Keep homeopathic Oscillococcinum on hand. Take it at the earliest sign of a cold or flu as early intervention is essential. If you are exposed to someone with the flu directly, you can take one dose twice a day for two days. You can also take one vial once a week throughout the winter, and two or three times a week during flu season, as a preventative measure.

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