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About Advance Health and Wellness Solutions

Our bodies are designed to heal naturally from the inside out; we have an innate intelligence, or inner wisdom, in the body that allows for perfect function. Our practice emphasizes the importance of making better lifestyle choices such as good nutrition, proper exercise for your body, and a positive attitude so that this inner wisdom can work and express itself. We focus on the patient rather than the illness. We treat the whole body and not the symptoms. We focus on the root causes of dis-ease rather than the effect (symptoms) like traditional medicine/medical doctors.

We help our patients in the treatment of their health issues and concerns, often not addressed adequately by other approaches. We get results by using approaches that are clinically thorough and backed by research, while also natural and holistic.

At Advance Health and Wellness Solutions, we use a holistic approach (care of the whole person) focused on the underlying causes of health conditions using whole foods, vitamins, herbals, ReceptorBased Neurological and Energetic Analysis. Under the direction of Dr. Bert, we partner with our patients to address a wide range of health concerns. We include diagnostic testing using comprehensive genetic testing and indicated bloodwork and other tests that address your body’s issues at a deeper physiological level, rather than the way most conventional approaches take; typically the diagnostics or tests we use are non-invasive and safe like saliva testing, urine testing, and hair analysis.

Dr. Bert is a true family practice doctor who works with his patients to develop an individualized health program based on proactively supporting health and increasing vitality. His clinical training covers natural medicine, Indian and traditional Chinese medicine, nutrition, herbals, and modern neurology. His goal as a passionate doctor (teacher) and physician (healer) is to get to the root of your concerns issues/symptoms to restore balance so that your body can heal itself.

About Dr. Humberto “Bert” Rodriguez Munnet

  • Graduated as a Doctor of Chiropractic from New York Chiropractic College in December, 1986, and has since spent 35,000+ hours helping patients.
  • Is known by his colleagues and peers as “the doctor’s doctor” because of his care, concern, excellence in technique, and variety and profundity of knowledge, with emphasis in deep clearing healing results.
  • Is a 1979 graduate of St. John’s University, where he majored in psychology and minored in theology and philosophy, with concentrations in the humanities, human evolution, developmental history of cooking, cuisines of the world, and human nutrition. His studies emphasized the unity of mind, body, and spirit and the care of the whole person.
  • Is licensed in several states, including Florida and New York.
  • Experienced a life-transforming event in April, 1996. While juggling a busy career and full family life, and living under constant acute and chronic stress, his left lung collapsed. Being near to death served as a catalyst that accelerated his aspiration and capacity to bring healing to himself and his patients. Since then, he has spent the better part of his consciousness addressing the dire impacts that continual stress have throughout the entire human body. He has developed cutting-edge approaches to improving his patients’ health, as well as his own.
  • Continues to be a fervent student of human anatomy, physiology, and physics, which are the underpinnings in a doctor’s fund of knowledge, to further health and well-being.
  • Has expanded his healing capacity as a chiropractic physician by doing extensive studies in the paradigm of modern neurology, human nutrition, herbal medicine, Eastern medicine, including Ayurvedic, Chinese medicine, and energy work (especially acupuncture).
  • Has spent more than 35 years in practice, taking care of his patients’ spines and nervous systems, as well as addressing aches and pains in muscles, joints, and throughout the body.
  • Is versed in accelerated healing and pain relief via ultra-modern equipment, such as the (painless) cold low-level energy LASER.
  • Has evolved his techniques to profoundly relax and clear stress, to help muscles and organs work better, and to restore the proper working order of the whole body and person.
  • Possesses valuable insights after 4000+ hours of practicing modern neurology and applied kinesiology — he has mastered methods that can be used to heal and balance nagging, abnormal, and even long-standing and severe problems in your body.
  • Has a deep knowledge of human nutrition and works with his patients to determine if they have inadequacies in body chemistry or deficiencies in their diets that contribute to health problems.
  • Has profound knowledge of herbal medicine and has helped his patients apply it in transformative ways. He has expertise in decocting and customizing premium clinical-grade herbals for individual needs and issues.

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