Addiction and Recovery Therapy

Addiction and Recovery Therapy

Addiction and Recovery – Reclaiming Oneness

Addiction: Seeking an external source to relieve an intolerable state of pain, past or present, physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual in nature.

HeadacheRecovery: A process of change through which an individual achieves abstinence and improved health, wellness and quality of life. By reclaiming oneness and embracing the experiences that we cannot bare to look at due to an overwhelming sense of shame.

Sobriety: A serious state of mind, or when one is not affected by drugs, alcohol or other substances. Reclaiming our true power and experiencing the beauty of the present moment, while becoming a living embodiment of our essential qualities freedom, peace, and joy.

At the very center of all addictions lies pain. When the pain, whether physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual in nature becomes unbearable, we seek external sources to relieve the pressure of the chronic nature of our pain. While most of the reports we hear of speak of the growing addiction to opiate drugs, we all find relief in some form or another. In today's world this shows up even in our addictions to sugar, carbs, caffeine, nicotine, social media, work, sex, and yes even in gambling.

We offer a wholistic, integrated, and drug free addiction recovery program designed to improve, repair, and normalize brain chemistry; which in turn diminishes cravings and promotes feelings of well-being.

The core of our recovery program is rooted in re-integration of the body and mind.  Our premise is that our body has been inevitably damaged from toxic assault—whether through our own doing or from whatever environments we have been exposed to, or our body has been through—this leaves a lasting and on-going effect that we cannot change by force of will, mental change(s), behavioral training, nor cheering of the emotions alone.  At best this leads to light changes in our bearing, that although positive or in the right direction, leave buried damages that can quickly reverse any progress made.

Damages, drawbacks or improper lasting effects on our bodies from chemical toxins or lack of proper feeding have profoundly disruptive effects on our mind, disposition(s), emotional state(s), our ability to cope, adapt, recover and truly change.  Our approach works on true re-integration of the body and mind which focuses on the improvement of the body, really putting back to work the systems that clear the body of toxins, that themselves have been damaged:  removing physical pains which are a sign that something is wrong that effects our emotional state; restoring proper tone/tension of the spinal cord/nervous system to enhance recovery outcomes, and combine this with proper whole food nutrition to support brain (and whole body) chemistry.

As healthy body and mind “plasticity” sets in, it naturally diminishes withdrawal symptoms, and we can get back our own natural control over our cravings.  Once the “hard-ware” of our body begins to work, then the “soft-ware” of our minds, behavior and emotions can begin to work the way we really are as individuals.  Our work will facilitate any “soft-ware” work or issues you are dealing with your coach/counselor/therapist about and assist with any on-going guidance, coaching, and lifestyle changes.

Our 4 step Recovery Program:

Step 1 – Support restoration of natural and normal brain chemistry through proper or enhanced nutrition.

A proper and healthy brain chemistry is key to breaking the cycle of addiction. When the neurotransmitters in the brain are imbalanced it dramatically increases cravings and the dependency on any addiction. Through the use of natural clinical grade whole foods nutrition, whole food herbal support, and restoration of essential protein/amino acid levels we can restore healthy whole body chemistry and support changes in the brain that can minimize withdrawal symptoms, cravings, speed the healing process, and maximize the likelihood of long term success rates.

Step 2 – Releasing neurological or stored stress.

Utilizing state of the art chiropractic, neurological re-integration of the body receptor systems, and cold low energy level healing LASERs technology that have been shown scientifically to support and enhance clinical outcomes, Dr. Bert incorporates gentle adjustments, methods and procedures, to release tension in the nervous system—restoring healthy function. A nervous system free of stress/interference allows the body to access it’s greatest healing potential, supporting optimal health and wellness physically, mentally, and emotionally.  By supporting healthy function of the spine and body, we further help to optimize limbic function (the emotional center of the brain strongly influenced by addictive behaviors) promoting the flow of critical neurotransmitters, including dopamine, acetylcholine, GABA, serotonin and balancing the brain reward cascade.

Step 3 – Rebalancing the brain reward messaging system.

Neurological receptor—the muscles, joints, and areas of fascial sheaths and skin are one large receptor system like the eyes, ears, nose and tongue--re-integration effectively reduces pain levels, while supporting feelings of peacefulness, calm, and an overall state of well-being, not to mention increases the over-all level of physical performance and capability. It has further been shown to support the re-balancing of the reward area in the brain reducing both craving and withdrawal symptoms.

Step 4 – Reinforcing strategies for long term health and wellness.

Lifestyle changes and modifications which provides not only the best opportunity to prevent relapse, but also to support the fulfillment of your potential physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. To successfully navigate the stress of modern day living, we must have the tools and strategies that maintain peace and balance within the storm of our lives.  Dr. Bert can provide continued support and participate through your individual or group counseling alongside and in collaboration with your therapist(s), nutritional modification, on-going nutritional support and heart based techniques to ensure you feel vibrant, clear, and peaceful.

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