Case Studies

Case Studies

What is a case study? The case studies on our website consist of documented information related to patients who have used the Science Based Nutrition™ blood analysis and nutritional healthcare program to assist their body in healing.

We are proud to offer the highest level of nutritional analysis available by providing patients with a Science Based Nutrition™ report of finding and recommendations. Science Based Nutrition™ uses the latest in diagnostic testing, (blood, heavy metal, toxic element, tissue, mineral and urinalysis, etc.), to reveal nutritional deficiencies, illness, or tendencies toward disease even before symptoms have manifested. Using these valuable tests, we are able to make specific dietary, supplementation and lifestyle recommendations and monitor your progress through re-testing.

Details of the actual studies available upon request.

This case report(s) showcases a real patient’s results using the Science Based Nutrition™ system of analysis, which takes into account hundreds of numeric data and their roles, combinations and inter-relationships as related to disease diagnosis. This patient is/was under the care of Dr. Van D. Merkle, creator and founder of Science Based Nutrition™, Inc. and is meant to serve as an example of results achieved using the Science Based Nutrition™ report. Dr. Rodriguez is a certified an approved SBN provider and ask him/her to provide you with the Science Based Nutrition™ report. Results will vary based on patient ability/willingness to follow the recommended nutritional protocols, among many other factors. Any suggested nutritional advice or dietary advice is not intended as a primary treatment and/or therapy for any disease or particular bodily symptom. Nutritional counseling, vitamin recommendations, nutritional advice, and the adjunctive schedule of nutrition is provided solely to upgrade the quality of foods in the patient’s diet in order to supply good nutrition supporting the physiological and biomechanical process of the human body.

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