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Please note:  Currently, we are conducting visits entirely via telehealth.  We find that most people actually prefer telehealth because of its convenience factor. Everything that we do during an in-person visit including lab work (which is largely done at home) can be easily done virtually.

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Happy Clients

Within two weeks, I had already started seeing changes. I had more energy and I had even lost 5 lbs without diet or exercise (I believe this was from toxic bloat)! Gaining confidence, I had started to follow Dr. Bert’s advice to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into my diet. Slowly my cough was subsiding and within four months it was completely gone! For years I have had to live with this debilitating cough that Dr. Bert was able to rid in mere months!

Today I continue to see Dr. Bert for maintenance, immune system strengthening, treating infections, and even weight loss. I am so glad I decided to give herbal medication a try, and I am extremely thankful for Dr. Bert for giving me my life back! For all those that are dealing with an ailment, explore the possibility of herbals! Dr. Bert is amazing; I just wish I found him sooner!

J. L.

I've only been to two visits, but thus far, the colon pain has improved.  I'm doing his recommended cranberry drink detox and its helping me so very much thus far. As a healer myself, I believe in a healthy living lifestyle, so his care is reinforcing.

I've already recommended him to lots of my patients, family and friends.  I'm also bringing my mother in a week, so she can benefit from his type of treatment.  

I love the care and respect I received from both Dr. Bert and Annie at Advance Health and Wellness Solutions.  They make a great team! 

D. M.

My first visit with you could not have been more different.  “Would I ever be able to jog again?”  I asked.  “I don’t see why not,” you replied.  You talked to me about nutrition, and introduced me to some wonderful foods such as Greek yogurt and pure cranberry juice, which are now part of my regular diet.

During my visits to your office, you explained each step in my treatment plan, making me feel like we were partners in my healing. When my tight schedule dictated that I bring my children to your office during my treatment sessions, you welcomed them with warmth and made them feel at home.

I write this letter strong of body and filled with gratitude.  I appreciated your holistic approach to healing me, and I have sung your praises to many of my friends and family.  Please feel free to share my letter with any of your prospective patients because I want them to know that I am one very satisfied customer of Advance Health and Wellness Solutions.

S. D.

“When I first met Dr. Bert just under a year ago, I had lost all hope. I weighed over 200lbs, my blood pressure levels were 169/102 mm Hg and I was truly worried about my health. Physicians told me I needed to lose weight and exercise more and prescribed Hypertension medication. I’ve always been conscious that I have a strong genetic and pre-disposition for Hypertension, Heart Disease and even Diabetes. It wasn’t until I held that prescription in my hand that I knew I had to make a change in my life before it was too late.

Advance Health and Wellness truly saved my life. I was not only able to lose over 60lbs but most importantly I reached optimal blood pressure levels without medications! I learned how the body works and the importance of nutrition, not to mention learning how to cook healthy and delicious meals (my wife was very happy about that!!!). Dr. Bert, and his friendly knowledgeable staff were there to support and help me reach my health and wellness goals. They are fully committed to their patients/clients, and were there to guide me every step of the way. If you are ready to embark on your very own journey.  I truly recommend you give them a call.”

A. D.

Doctor Bert literally saved my son's life. Doctors wanted to operate him for pulmonary problems, and in just a few months my son got better and gained weight. Thanks Dr. Bert.

P. T.

Words cannot describe my deepest gratitude to Dr. Bert and Annie at the Advance Health and Wellness Solutions. They taught me a fundamental lesson of life, that what you eat can change your life and your body. Since my first visit to Dr. Bert almost a year ago, I have lost 30 pounds of fat. This was done solely by truly listening and respecting his advice as to what I should eat. I gave up bread, rice and sugar. I started eating lots of greens, foods high in protein and drinking tons of water and green tea. My headaches were gone, my mood was better than ever and my body returned to what it was before having two babies. Dr. Bert and Annie always listened and took their time to explain the simple science behind their philosophy: “let thy food be thy medicine.” I was able to completely turn my life around (mentally and physically) by changing my eating habits. I also recommended them to my own family and friends. Everybody is in awe of Dr. Bert and how effective and dedicated his treatments and strategies are to helping you live your best life. I feel so blessed to know you and have you as my doctor. Thank you. 

S. H.

Anyone who really knows me knows that I have suffered from severe headaches and other body issues most of my life.

Headaches would arise multiple times a week that would dreadfully leave me to escape from all noises and lights. I would crawl into bed and take a long nap to get rid of the headache and that would MAYBE help suppress it so I could do mommy duties as a good mommy should but often times it fell short.

I can proudly say now that I don't suffer from these body issues anymore and headaches are gone with the wind. I can most certainly chalk it up to the nutritional guidance I recieved with Dr. Bert. .After three weeks into my weightloss journey I noticed I had not fallen victim to any lousy headaches since dropping all of the GMO foods and pre-packaged "goods" and so much more. I was in complete shock that it wasn't my vision, my computer use or my brain that was the problem it was the food! I had so many people including my lovely mom and my amazing friend tell me that "you are what you eat". It took me a very long time to figure this out on my own and with the help of Dr. Bert I finally learned the proper way to eat. So I'm hoping that anyone who reads this really takes that in for what it is and calls AHAWS as soon as humanly possible. .I love what I put into my body now and I don't 👏 ever👏 want👏 to👏 be 👏FAT👏 again!. I have learned how to eat RIGHT thanks to Advanced Health and Wellness solutions, and all of the family and friends who have supported my weightloss journey. My starting weight and highest weight in January 2020 was 209lbs and I am currently weighing 155lbs that's a total weightloss of 54 pounds in just a few months. I still have 35 pounds to go to get to my goal weight! Thank you to Dr. Bert and the staff at Advanced Health and Wellness Solutions!

M. L.

I just completed a 6 month program with Dr. Bert. I am so unbelievably happy to have finally found the answers & a plan of action to get my health to it's optimal level. I absolutely love the whole person holistic approach & all the things they teach totally resonate with me. My program was beautifully laid out & it removed all the guesswork & overwhelm of trying to keep up. I loved the accountability & the availability of the Dr. as well. I totally committed & gave it my all & I ended up even losing 20+ lbs. I feel so much healthier, happier, stronger, lighter, more confident & in a lot less pain. Brain fog is better, sleep is better, digestion is better. The insatiable itching, scarring, leathery skin on my arms is GONE! My relationships has even improved because I FEEL better & better about myself.

This has been a catalyst for change & improvement in all aspects of my life. I am highly motivated & totally committed to taking excellent care of myself & I look forward to continuing to learn & grow in this journey of living my best life. I hope I can inspire others to do the same!

I will be honest, change it’s always easy, but a dear coach once said this to me & it still rings true...“It’s Hard, but Hard is Doable, Hard is Worth It & more importantly YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!

Thank you for helping me get my life back!

J. P.

Dr. Rodriguez has helped me fill in the gaps on my nutrition. I thought I was a healthy eater and doing all the right things. But, in fact I was really sabotaging my own health. And, it was incredibly convenient and accommodating to my busy crazy life as a mom, wife and entrepreneur. Instead of having to travel to the doctor’s office and sit in a waiting room, I just simply activate the private Telehealth video conference call on my phone or tablet when it’s time for my appointments. Thank you for teaching me invaluable life lessons.

J. R.

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