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Our appointments are held with clients from all over the world!

Where ever you are, we can help! When you call us, our first and most important goal is to listen and address your concerns. And once we have a better idea of what your needs are, we will work together to create a strategic plan using whole herbs, whole foods and lifestyle modifications that will help support your health and long-term well-being.

All you have to do is call. We will answer all your questions, even those you haven't thought to ask. And very soon, you'll be feeling better than you have in a very long time!

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When you call to schedule an appointment with Dr. Bert, we will send a few forms and a thorough health questionnaire for you to complete prior to your appointment or we will advise you which forms will be needed in your particular case, so that you may access them right from our website. We will request you fill out these forms prior to your initial visit, and once completed email back to us (we ask for 48 hours prior to your visit).  Thus, allowing the doctor to look over your concerns and be aware of the topics and issues you are interested in addressing.   Dr. Bert will then thoroughly review your information in order to gain a clear direction and a solid plan that will be uniquely tailored just for you.

Helping You Wherever You Are! Call Us Today at
786-360-6355 or e-Mail:

Appointment Questions

It's easy! Just call us at 786-360-6355 to find out when our next available appointment is. Our staff will answer any questions, explain how the process works and once you've selected an appointment time and date, we will send you an email which contains the documents you will need to complete along with detailed instructions.  Once completed you will then return back to us at least 2 days prior to your appointment. If you do not have email, we will gladly send you a hard copy by mail.

All follow-up appointments are scheduled based on the complexity of your health concerns. These appointments are billed in 30-minute increments usually $60.  If your scheduled appointment exceeds the allotted time due to additional questions complexity, and/or additional diagnostic(s) $95-$125.  Sessions of treatment with the doctor have a different fee schedule which will be discussed appropriately and as needed individually. 

The fee for your initial nutritional comprehensive detailed consultation and exam, usually 1:30-2:00 hour(s) in duration appointment is $350-$415 depending on whether the doctor feels a urinalysis and other tests might be required (based on a case by case basis). At the end of your appointment, Dr. Bert will be able to determine the amount of time needed for any follow-up appointments based on the complexity of your situation. 

There may be an occasion that additional testing will be needed. Dr. Bert is very conscientious of the out-of-pocket costs involved with alternative procedures and as such, will discuss this with you prior to ordering any kind of additional testing or procedure.

Dr. Bert does not participate with any insurance carriers – generally speaking insurance companies do not cover whole person wellness care. However, in some cases and depending on your policy certain services might be covered.  In which case you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement just be sure to let us know ahead of time so that we can provide you with the proper billing codes.  Some Health Savings Accounts or other health plans will cover nutritional counseling and herbal supplements.  Check with your insurance company the particulars of your plan for details.

Doctor Bert is a provider for CareCredit.  CareCredit helps you pay for out-of-pocket healthcare expenses for you, and your family! Once you are approved, you can use it again and again to help manage health, wellness and beauty costs not covered by insurance.

A 24 hours prior to the appointment notice is required.  All of our appointment times are reserved specifically for you and your individual needs.  This allows us sufficient time to notify another patient needing our care that an appointment time has come available.

Follow-up Appointments: We kindly request that you notify us at least 48 hours prior to your appointment if you need to reschedule. This allows us to offer the appointment to another patient needing our care on our waiting list.

Nutritional and Chiropractic Care Questions

We use scientific, objective testing in our analysis and recommendations and we strive to have measurable results. Some of the diagnostic testing we use are blood testing, toxic and elemental hair testing, food allergy testing and more. We get our great results because we test and we use objective testing methods.

Understand that we don’t have a cure for your problem whether it is a rash, MS, diabetes or cancer. Our goal is to get you healthier. Progress is the key and there should be some definite, objective improvement within about 2 months if what we are doing and recommend is going to work. Do you have 2 months? If you can give us 2 months and you really work and do what is needed, it is highly unusual that progress/improvement is not seen. Then the goal is to keep you improving on a consistent basis. Sometimes a 2-3% improvement in 2 months could the best that we can hope for but if you continue to improve 2-3% every 2 months for the next 2-3 years, where will you be?

Absolutely. Compared to other medical treatments, which include medication and surgery, chiropractic, nutritional, herbal and acupuncture methods is by far the safest. It is estimated that 140,000 people in the USA die each year from drug-related reactions and nearly 100,000 people die as result of medical errors. Insurance companies who evaluate the risks of all professions, and charge a premium based on the risk the profession poses, rate chiropractors by far as the lowest insurance premium of all health care providers. Even though thousands of chiropractic adjustments are made each year, only a few complaints are registered

Subluxation refers to a spinal bone (vertebra) that is not in its right position or not moving in its normal range of motion.  Misaligned vertebra are irritating nerves and blood vessels, which in turn affects the way your body communicates with your spine. Subluxations are the cause of many pains and dysfunctions in muscles and organs. The body’s natural ability to heal itself is greatly improved with the subluxation removed.

Most chiropractic adjustments are not only virtually painless, they actually feel great and relieving. In cases of a recent injury, inflamed tissue may react to adjustments and cause some discomfort. Application of ice after treatment may soothe any irritation.

There is no evidence to suggest that manipulation of the spine or other chiropractic care can lead to arthritis. On the contrary, chiropractors often care for people with arthritis by maintaining joint health. Motion is life when it comes to joint health.

There is no age excluded from chiropractic care. Even babies can have subluxations, due to the rigors of birth. In Denmark, for example, Chiropractic Doctors are part of the birthing team. Children’s subluxations should be treated early, as they interfere with nerves that control developing muscles and organs of the body consist of cartilage growth centers that the bone grows from. Abnormal stresses on a rapidly developing spine and other bones and joints can cause them to develop abnormally. Your chiropractor can detect these problems while they’re easy to correct.

Chiropractors are part of a network of health-care professionals. Like other doctors, they will make referrals for patients when necessary. Chiropractors are trained to recognize risk factors and signs of disease that are outside their scope of treatments and they will not hesitate to make a referral when it’s in a patient’s best interest.

Supplement Questions

Dr. Bert is committed to using only the highest-grade herbal and nutritional supplements that are free from synthetic isolates or other ingredients made in a laboratory. He is committed to using only those supplements and herbals that come directly from either concentrated whole foods, clean animal sources or clinical-grade whole herbs. This ensures optimization of health rather than just masking the symptoms.

We are committed to ensuring you receive the highest quality supplements available. Online vendors selling the same brand of supplements are not only selling illegally but there is no guarantee that the products are within the expiration date or have been stored correctly, preserving the important phytochemicals. There is no price advantage when purchasing online if the incorrect item is ordered, there is no way to return it. When you purchase the recommended supplements from us, you are guaranteed to have the right ones that are not expired and have been properly taken care of. This ensures you will receive the maximum benefit from the herbal and nutritional protocol designed for you.

The substance(s) in our herbals are pure whole herbal/botanical extracts.  The herbals/botanicals in our formulas are made in a FDA-registered manufacturing site. The herbals in our formulas comply with the highest and strictest standards of 'Good Manufacturing Practices' [NSF GMP]. They are Kosher Certified organically sourced, marked and certified to be of the highest quality and of the type that is needed, wanted and expected--with multiple levels of testing and layers of confirmation; to assure their phytochemical activity and equivalence to confirmed experimental findings and historical use. They are cold perculated and processed under sterile conditions for whole herb extract usefulness, quality, potency, purity, stability and safety; prepared so that the type, strength and phytochemical activity is standardized and equivalent from batch to batch. These herbals have been tested for and confirmed to be free of: pesticide residues, microbial levels, aflatoxins, heavy metals, foreign materials and radiation.            

Clinical grade means that it is the highest level of effectiveness and support; that you would expect and be receiving from your doctor. There can be no mistake, short changing, scaling back or cutting corners in any way when clinical grade is implied or invoked. It implies that a product is vigorously and rigorously useful for difficult circumstances and under conditions of duress. Clinical grade is reserved for the special circumstance that is the doctor patient encounter and cannot be found in any other ordinary or commonly found or available treatment or product. It is what your doctor is recommending to you based on your examination findings and the unique needs and demands your body has to feel better, balance your body chemistry, fill in what is really missing and experience well-being.

The 'clinical grade' distinction implies that you can depend on it to work and produce results when other things cannot, will not, and have not. In order for something to be clinical grade it must be the right product that one needs, the right quality, and the right amount, all at the right time, so that it will work. If any of these three criteria are missing at the same time, the product might not work. It is the dependable expectation and reliance on a product that it will work as expected and anticipated that makes it clinical grade.

There are certain rigorous standards that must be met in order for something to reach clinical grade.

This coupled with the fact that it is the doctor's unique recommendation for you, makes the product stand aside, above and beyond the ordinary or beyond the commonly found or available, and usually and justifiably so, will have a higher price tag than you might ordinarily expect. That clinical grade is always more expensive is not always so. Your doctor has much experience in the market place and has shopped around for you, to give you the lowest price so that your hard earned dollar goes a long way while not cutting back on product effectiveness and reliability.

We have developed the following explanations to answer the questions that are most commonly asked of us; with the detail some people want and expect.

The criteria that must be met for a product to come close or reach clinical grade status are as follows:

  1. The product must be what it says it is; no substitutions because it is 'almost like' or is cheaper.
  2. It must have a certain or specific quality (or qualities), or factors that make it what it is, that make it useful for what one needs or wants, and what one expects that it is; this also implies a certain level of freshness.
  3. It must have a certain level of purity; that is no fillers, extenders or texturizers—at least none that will detract from its effectiveness or negatively impact a person's health. If it is to have an additive, it should be to or because it enhances the products performance without effecting its quality or the fact that it is a whole food or herb.
  4. The right potency or strength—a product should not be un-necessarily watered down unless doing so enhances a products performance or makes it safer or more useful for a desired end that is beneficial for human consumption.
  5. Standardization—a product must have the right elements or factors that make it useful in the right quantity and should not and cannot vary drastically or go below a certain useful threshold from batch to batch. If there is no standardization a product in one bottle (or even within the same bottle) will not be as effective as the same product in another bottle. A clinical grade product will have the same effectiveness from batch to batch, from year to year, year in and year out. So that it is the same product today that it was a last year, and that it will be a year from now.
  6. A clinical grade product should not lose its potency or strength, at least not easily or readily, over time after it is purchased.

Some examples and illustrations:

First, a product must absolutely be what it says it is; there can be no substitutions! Certain things must be what they say they are or you will not have their benefit(s). For example, fish oils or cod liver oil, must come from the internal oil source of the fish. This is wholesome, nutritious, and must be assumed to be gathered fresh with a careful extraction process that maintains freshness and has it stay that way once it is in a bottle. It must be processed rigorously to maintain purity and freshness. The packaging must be carefully selected and made to keep it free from contamination. This is very difficult to do and will be more expensive! A real fish oil will be fully digestable and safely absorbable so as not to 'come up' on you and give you an unpleasant taste or experience afterwards. If this happens, it is because the skin, or other inappropriate parts of the fish or old scraps of the fish were used. It is the common use of the scraps that allows large bottles to be filled for cheap and it is this that gives the unpleasant experience that is far too common of 'repeating' the 'fish oil'. Furthermore, the right fish oil comes from deep sea, ocean dwelling, cold water fish. If it does not, it will not have the desired effects one is looking for and needs for results. Farm raised simply will not have the characteristics necessary in the oil for it to give the desired effects. This leads to the idea of quality.

The quality of ocean going, deep sea, cold water fish oil makes it better and more useful for anti-inflammatory effects one wants and is looking for than some fish grown in a fish farm or pool away from the normal diet elements of the fish that produce the food factors that one needs in a nutritious and potent clinical grade oil.

A clinical grade oil, product or herbal extract should be pure or have no foreign bodies or inclusions in it unless they are part of the natural matrix of the product that will be beneficial for the balancing and beneficial effects that it is wanted or desired for. A pure oil should always be clear of sediment. For example our jojoba oil has been centrifuged and then filtered to be cleared. Then it is allowed to stand in large vats for up to 30 days, so that it is completely clear of any un-desireable sediment. Our herbal extracts have the natural inclusions in it that are part of the whole plant that is part and parcel of its natural matrix the makes it whole and effective; without these the product would not be as genuine and effective.

In order for a garlic, onion or radish to be potent it must have the odor and extreme taste that it has. An herb must be bitter to have the effects it has to have. It is precisely in the distinct taste of the garlic or the bitterness of the herb, that the beneficial qualities are. If you take out these extreme tastes or smells, you lose the potency and the effect your looking for and need to have in order to derive the benefits from it that you need.

Lastly, you can say you have a product that meets all the above criteria, but it can be a hit or miss, if the product is not standardized, from batch to batch, one bottle out of a whole box could be useful but the rest of the bottles in the box could be useless. Needless to say you want to know that the bottle or product, you are getting will be useful to you and perform for you as it is supposed to. Clinical grade allows you to rest assured and be confident that you are rightfully getting what your paying for and that you can use it dependably now overtime and in the future; with the reasonable expectation that it will perform as needed and wanted.

We take our patients satisfaction very seriously.

Our supplements, herbal/botanical extracts are fresh, safe, made in a FDA-registered manufacturing site, handled and kept in the proper temperature and environment for optimum effect. 

We comply with the highest and strictest standards of 'Good Manufacturing Practices' [NSF GMP]. Our herbals are organically sourced and of the highest and purest quality and many are kosher certified. 

Our herbs are cold percolated and processed under sterile conditions they have been tested for and confirmed to be free of: pesticide residues, microbial levels, aflatoxins, heavy metals, foreign materials and radiation.  We stand behind them for their wholeness, purity, effectiveness and strength.  We cannot accept returns as once a product leaves our facility we cannot guarantee their integrity, and for the protection of the public, health and safety of all our patients and clients they cannot and will not be resold or used. 

Some exceptions might be made in which case pre-approval is required and the item returned must be unopened and purchased recently.  A 15% restocking fee, less any shipping costs, will be applied to all pre-approved returns.

In most instances, Dr. Bert might recommend anywhere between 1-5 supplements at the initial appointment however every situation is unique.  He does his best to be mindful of the cost, keeping it to a minimum without compromising the overall healthcare goal. As Dr. Bert’s dear colleague Ronda L. Nelson, PhD, MH often say "Supplements are like a tow truck; they are only needed until the problem is fixed." When you are in the initial stages of correction, your supplements may be a bit more robust however, as your situation improves, the supplements will be reduced in their dose or eliminated entirely. He may recommend ongoing herbal or nutritional support to help you maintain optimal health however the decision to take these would be entirely up to you.

Lab Questions

Every person is different. So it really depends on your particular case.

If you do the testing through our office, it usually takes no more than two weeks to get all of the test results back and your personalized detailed report completed.

Of course! You may get your blood work done through another doctor. However, it would be prudent for you to check your pricing thoroughly. Most patients find the price will usually be less if you get it through our office. Remember, if you decide to go through your insurance company for reimbursement, the test findings will go on your permanent record and will affect future premiums and ratings.

Bring in your blood test results for a wellness evaluation and 2nd opinion.

Happy Clients

Within two weeks, I had already started seeing changes. I had more energy and I had even lost 5 lbs without diet or exercise (I believe this was from toxic bloat)! Gaining confidence, I had started to follow Dr. Bert’s advice to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into my diet. Slowly my cough was subsiding and within four months it was completely gone! For years I have had to live with this debilitating cough that Dr. Bert was able to rid in mere months!
Today I continue to see Dr. Bert for maintenance, immune system strengthening, treating infections, and even weight loss. I am so glad I decided to give herbal medication a try, and I am extremely thankful for Dr. Bert for giving me my life back! For all those that are dealing with an ailment, explore the possibility of herbals! Dr. Bert is amazing; I just wish I found him sooner!


I've only been to two visits, but thus far, the colon pain has improved.  I'm doing his recommended cranberry drink detox and its helping me so very much thus far. As a healer myself, I believe in a healthy living lifestyle, so his care is reinforcing.

I've already recommended him to lots of my patients, family and friends.  I'm also bringing my mother in a week, so she can benefit from his type of treatment.  

I love the care and respect I received from both Dr. Bert and Annie at Advance Health and Wellness Solutions.  They make a great team! 


My first visit with you could not have been more different.  “Would I ever be able to jog again?”  I asked.  “I don’t see why not,” you replied.  You talked to me about nutrition, and introduced me to some wonderful foods such as Greek yogurt and pure cranberry juice, which are now part of my regular diet.

During my visits to your office, you explained each step in my treatment plan, making me feel like we were partners in my healing. When my tight schedule dictated that I bring my children to your office during my treatment sessions, you welcomed them with warmth and made them feel at home.

I write this letter strong of body and filled with gratitude.  I appreciated your holistic approach to healing me, and I have sung your praises to many of my friends and family.  Please feel free to share my letter with any of your prospective patients because I want them to know that I am one very satisfied customer of Advance Health and Wellness Solutions.


“When I first met Dr. Bert just under a year ago, I had lost all hope. I weighed over 200lbs, my blood pressure levels were 169/102 mm Hg and I was truly worried about my health. Physicians told me I needed to lose weight and exercise more and prescribed Hypertension medication. I’ve always been conscious that I have a strong genetic and pre-disposition for Hypertension, Heart Disease and even Diabetes. It wasn’t until I held that prescription in my hand that I knew I had to make a change in my life before it was too late.

Advance Health and Wellness truly saved my life. I was not only able to lose over 60lbs but most importantly I reached optimal blood pressure levels without medications! I learned how the body works and the importance of nutrition, not to mention learning how to cook healthy and delicious meals (my wife was very happy about that!!!). Dr. Bert, and his friendly knowledgeable staff were there to support and help me reach my health and wellness goals. They are fully committed to their patients/clients, and were there to guide me every step of the way. If you are ready to embark on your very own journey.  I truly recommend you give them a call.”

A. Diaz

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