Get a Jump-Start on Your New Year’s Health Resolutions!!!

This is one of my favorite times of year as 12 months of data wraps up and helps me set goals for the upcoming year, both personally and professionally. December is a great time of year to set health goals and start working on them immediately. Why wait? There’s no time like the present. Besides, you know you’ll feel better about yourself if you get a jump start, instead of wincing as you step on the scale on the first of January, finally facing the total damage you have to undo. Start now and that scale will be a tool that measures progress and marks of little successes that add up.

The Perks of Starting Now

Your body reacts favorably the moment you start making good health choices, be it adding a 15-minute walk to your day, to swapping in one or two healthier meal options. It doesn’t take a lot to get momentum going in the right direction. Your body craves TLC and nutrition, and rewards you for every good choice you make. So, something as small as cleaning up your diet between now and Christmas will make the next big holiday meal splurge a mere bump in the road, instead of another stone on the pile.

Another thing to point out is these days between Thanksgiving and Christmas are going to pass anyway, so why not make health choices you and your body will appreciate?

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