The scientific area that looks at the effects of food and nutrients on gene expression. Our genetic variances affect our personal nutrition including how a nutrient is absorbed or eliminated, as well as the biological effects and metabolism from consuming said food. To put it simply, nutrigenomics works to optimize your diet based on your DNA.

Listening to your body. Let your body tell you its unique story. Your body has all the answers.

We’re at a remarkable time in human history as advances in genetics give us a new way to understand our bodies. Using this knowledge we can help you make sound choices to ensure you live longer, healthier lives.

Here is how genetics testing will deliver value to you.

Whether you have a chronic illness, are struggling with stress/anxiety, want to lose weight, need to improve your mental or physical performance, or just want to be healthier, your genetic testing results will have solid answers. You will have immediate answers and solutions to start implementing in your life to make measurable and noticeable changes you will feel and experience. Where you don’t have immediate and direct answers the genetic test results will point you to the testing that is right and immediately germaine to you and your body’s unique needs.


What’s included:

It's not just a genetic test, it’s so much more…

“A Day in the Life of You” Consultation includes Intake Questionnaire to ensure we provide lots of value, where we ask you to tell us what you want to get out of the test.

  • Helps the doctor get to know your unique needs and goals, focusing your session on what matters most to you.

A 1-hour Initial Feedback Session to unlock the full value of your Genetic Blueprint and 2 additional follow up session(s)

  • We will walk you through your report, telling you the unique story of your genes. Within 48 hours after your consultation, you’ll be sent a full feedback assessment summary and specific recommendations just for you based on your results. This very detailed report will ensure to start you on your life long journey of health.
  • Additional follow up sessions will assist you in understanding how to use your genetics to make the very best choices for you to ensure you live your best life and we will unlock the best steps to follow to assist you in achieving your goals based on your genes.

Your Blueprint Report + Plan

  • Contains 25 key insights and several practical, personalized recommendation(s) for you to start living your best life.
  • Complimentary “Genes to Plate Recipe Book”

The cost of genetic testing starting from just under $300, depending on the nature and complexity of the test.

All packages are tailored to your needs.

Join us on this trans-formative journey – make this one choice, take the step and unlock a lifetime of change.

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Ready to find out what your genes say about you?

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