Our Wellness Philosophy

Our Wellness Philosophy

Our Wellness philosophy involves balancing the body’s natural systems. Your digestive system breaks down food and converts it into nutrients and energy for the rest of your cells and for the body to use; your central nervous system and hormonal control system controls and orchestrates the body’s workings; and your detoxification system clears and protects you from free radicals and chemical toxicity, from your internal and external environment and from your diet. Your skin, your mood, and your immune system all depend on how well you’re digesting things and stress impacts these systems directly.  Every health issue can be traced back to abnormal stress breaking down the elegant and precise orchestration and integration of these systems.

Through targeted lab testing that you can do in the privacy of your own home for each of these systems, we are able to assess how your body is working and design an individualized program to balance your health.

“My experience shows that with an individualized diet plan, a scientifically based supplement program, stress reduction, life-style changes and exercise, can change a person’s health and improve dramatically – not only physically, but emotionally. With an ongoing wellness plan many health issues can be improved, ameliorated or avoided; such as when there is, over-weight, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, pain, or cognitive challenges and other disorders borne out of stress.”

Whether your looking for treatment options other than steroids, antibiotics, or medicines, or if you just want a holistic & natural approach to your digestive issues or skin care, we can help!

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