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Conditions / Concerns We Can support you with

Our holistic services offer strategies of care for a wide variety of conditions revolving around or involving stress.

These include:

Focus on the underlying root problem instead of just treating your symptoms.

Treat the whole person- your gut and skin are connected to the rest of your body.

Use of holistic scientifically-proven botanical, herbal & nutritional approaches to digestive issues and dermatological disorders  

Research-based natural medicine that really works! 

Work together in partnership with an alternative holistic practitioner doctor who listens.

Natural Evidence-Based Medicine

We use natural products that support the body’s ability to heal itself. We achieve this by identifying the root cause of your problem so that we aren’t just treating your symptoms. Our medicine is natural evidence-based and powerful. We use both the wisdom of hundreds of years of use of botanical medicine, as well as the latest cutting-edge research to determine which herbs and supplements will be safe and effective for you. And yes, it really works!

Whole Person Holistic Approach

Medicine today tends to treat different parts of a person’s body as if they are separate units. But we are not made up of separate parts- we are one body with many interconnected systems, including a strong mind-body connection. In order to treat your concerns, we may have to address your gut or immune dysfunction. Your skin, hair and nail problems are connected with all of the other systems in your body.

Partners in Your Health Care

As an alternative medicine whole person health care provider we work together with you on your health care plan as your partner. Every person is different and every treatment plan is different and tailored to the individual. We practice docere or “doctor as teacher”. We are here to listen to you and hear your concerns, as well as to teach you how to manage your current problems and prevent new ones.

Overview of Lab Assessments Offered:

The list below includes some, but not all lab tests available through Advance Health and Wellness Solutions to find The Root Cause Of Your Symptoms.

Laboratory testing is a useful aspect that allows us to see a snapshot of your body’s health. By running in depth tests of your body’s systems we’re then able to determine a plan of action on how to best address your condition through holistic health.

Testing Helps us Determine The Best Holistic Approach To Improve Your Health.

Running proper laboratory tests will allow Dr. Bert to determine the course of action and inform the best holistic health strategies to follow regarding your condition/concern.

Blood Chemistry Testing & Analysis

A blood chemistry test measures a variety of substances (fats, proteins, sugars, and enzymes) and, when included, nutrient evaluation (includes Amino Acids, Fatty Acids, Vitamins & Minerals); in the body to ensure that they are properly leveled and balanced out. These tests inform us about how well your body’s organs are doing and what to do to better address them. Blood chemistry tests are useful in determining underlying causes of conditions as well as maintaining an accurate gauge of how these conditions react before, during, and after a personalized program.

Stool Testing & Analysis

An analysis of your stool (feces) is a helpful way of testing any conditions that you could be experiencing in your digestive tract, skin, your immune system, and even with your brain chemistry. The stool sample is collected through a lab where a series of microscopic tests are done while observing color and consistency, as well as the amount of substances from your body that may determine if a condition is a result of gut microbe imbalances.

Hormone Testing & Analysis

Maintaining an accurate level of hormones in the body is an essential part of good health. There are a variety of hormone tests that are available for us to correctly analyze these levels and identify how to best tailor our approach to your health.

Neurotransmitter Testing & Analysis

Neurotransmitters are essential in transporting information to the nervous system and allowing the nerves in the body to communicate with each other. Imbalances in stimulation can occur in the body and result in certain neurological or psychological symptoms such as stress, depression, anxiety, weight gain, fatigue, low libido or insomnia. Genetic, environmental, and nutritional deficiencies are just a few of the many factors that could affect the production of neurotransmitters. Brain chemistry imbalances can be supported and strengthened more precisely with natural medicine especially if your genetic pre-dispositions are known or factored in. This is a big innovation over using drugs that are prescribed based only on symptoms.


A form of alternative medicine which focuses on interactions between the environment and the different body systems, organs and tissues (e.g.--cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous, gastrointestinal, endocrine, immune and detoxification systems).  Personalized programs are developed after looking into your history, lab testing and/or genetic makeup.

Biological medicine works by identifying the source of disorders, imbalances, and weaknesses in the human regulatory system. Using this information, we’re then able to address the underlying roadblocks that are preventing your body from healing. Biomedicine is a fundamental form of holistic medicine that uses natural non pharmaceutical healing modalities, regardless of the type of illness you have or support that you need.

Genetic testing identifies changes in chromosomes and can be used to determine any genetic conditions that a person is experiencing. There are a wide variety of genetic tests, but they all provide helpful information for the doctor team to determine what conditions your body is experiencing and how to best approach them.

Usually, the first place we start is with cutting edge genetic testing. We partner with the original scientists that researched and put clinical genetic testing on the map, to begin with and have the most solid science and experience in genetic testing, food science and physiology for human beings.

The scientific area that looks at the effects of food and nutrients on gene expression. Our genetic variances affect our personal nutrition including how a nutrient is absorbed or eliminated, as well as the biological effects and metabolism from consuming said food. To put it simply, nutrigenomics works to optimize your diet based on your DNA.

Listening to your body. Let your body tell you its unique story. Your body has all the answers... Learn More

The field of epigenetics allows us to see how our environment, lifestyle choices, and our nutrition (or lack of thereof) can be a root cause of our body’s ‘engines’ not working properly. We can then use your genetic blueprint information to correct the imbalances and allow your body to heal itself, restoring not only your health but maximizing it as well.

We believe that exercise is only part of the equation in achieving your health goals. The food you put into your body will directly impact your success, and everyone has their individual needs. We don’t prescribe to fad diets, but we do recognize that there are many tools available for those looking to improve their health and wellness. While our general nutritional advice is straightforward, we recognize that putting it into practice can be difficult.

  • We will assist you to establish and take action towards achieving nutrition based goals
  • We will support you to modify behaviors in order to achieve those goals
  • You will become more self-reliant and gain confidence
  • You will be able to take greater responsibility and accountability for actions and commitments

We carry a complete line of natural whole food nutritional and whole herbal products from around the world, all of which have been carefully chosen and curated by our doctor. We can ship natural medicine all over the country and sometimes internationally.

Our Whole Food Nutrition Natural Pharmacy and Herbal Medicine store is available to our patients.

Herbal/Botanical/Homeopathic/Integrative Medicines

As an herbalist our Doctor can uniquely design formulae for individual care and your specific needs.

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Stress occurs when an event triggers a stress response, which is often referred to as the fight or flight response. There are many ways that the body will try to bring itself back into balance, and different people respond differently to the same stress stimuli.

We run to catch our prey and find speed we didn’t have; we blush when we feel attraction; we go weak in the knees when we get on stage – there are countless ways that mental stress can cause physical changes, but these extend far beyond these basic reactions. Chronic or overwhelming circumstances can cause profound negative changes to your health. The things that you carry on your mind and in your heart can manifest in your body. Whether they are temporary stressors or difficult personal circumstances they can all impact your physical and mental health. Learn More

It is easy to feel alone when you are unhappy with your body or the way your body feels. It is also easy to feel like you are the only one who just can’t seem to shed the pounds. Our bodies are complex and unique. This is why a “one size fits all” approach doesn’t work. Having a program that is created specifically for you makes all the difference in the world. Learning to eat a healthy diet can certainly help you drop weight, but this is not the only reason to work with a whole food nutritionist.

We will design a custom program tailor made especially for you. We will work with you to learn what your food likes and dislikes are, what programs you have tried in the past, what your schedule is like, if you have any food intolerances or allergies, and so much more. From there we will create a custom plan to help you achieve your desired results. You will be provided with amazing resources to help you with meal planning and grocery lists to get you through each day. You will learn how much water you should drink, food and drinks substitutions, how to successfully dine out, and what to do should you get off track.

Accountability is key! We use a very secure HIPAA compliant patient portal to stay in touch. We will monitor and track the progress you have made from moment to moment and celebrate your results! Each day, you will spend about 30 seconds per meal to log in your food choices. This will allow us to see what you are eating, help you troubleshoot, make suggestions, encourage, and celebrate with you! This accountability is vital to your success. You’ll never be alone on this journey, we will walk with you every step of the way.

We offer custom programs for everyone! Whether you are looking to lose 5 pounds or 200 pounds, are looking to decrease inflammation or manage a food intolerance, or even just want to learn to live a healthier life, we can help!

“Your fork is one of the most powerful tools you have to change your health!”

Meal plans are “tailor-made” specially and specifically curated and designed recipes to support your healthy nutrition and diet; to support weaknesses in the diet or emphasize nutrients that are needed--might be missing, or don’t have enough. They can be made for specific periods of time, the duration of which is up to you in combination with your clinical recommendation guidelines. Meal plan designs will contain specific and ample amounts of calories and nutrients that will support the body systems you need the most support in. We will also provide personalized meal recommendations and coaching to help you build lasting, healthy eating habits... Learn More

Natural Weight Management and Lifestyle Support

Weight management is not just an issue of vanity, it is at the core of our health and vitality.

Eating nutrient rich whole foods, lowering refined products in your diet and getting enough sleep are some of the many critical components of weight management that need to be addressed in a holistic approach to weight support. We help you understand your body and find natural solutions to your health.

Our Holistic Approach to weight management and Lifestyle... Learn More

We are familiar with and provide care for all types of physical injuries and issues. Emphasis being on correction and restoration versus just symptom treatment. The care is geared to relieve pain and free motion and restriction of injured areas and zones that really have to do with what’s not working in your body, so that we can restore the proper working order of your body and truly relieve you of your pains.

LASER therapy is a cutting-edge treatment used by doctors who see the worst conditions and diseases, and has been used by top professional athletes in the world including those in professional basketball, football, baseball, hockey and soccer.

A natural form of health care that uses spinal adjustments to correct improper motion(s) of tissue(s) whether in the spine or extremities and restore proper function to the nervous system, helping your body to heal naturally. Chiropractic doesn't use drugs or surgery. Rather, a chiropractic spinal adjustment is the application of a precise force to a specific part of the spinal segment that corrects the improper motion and high tissue tension, permitting normal nerve transmission and assisting your body to recuperate on its own.  A hand-held vibrational type tool is our usual method of treatment.

We provide mobile chiropractic, rehabilitative and wellness care that focuses on what works for you without the hassles of inconvenient appointment times, crowded waiting rooms, rushed office visits or time wasted sitting in traffic. We deliver professional, comprehensive, personalized, evidence-based treatment and de-stressing care which will transform your stress level that comes directly to you!  This is why concierge chiropractic might be right for you.

Our mobile services are suited for busy professionals, those with demanding schedules, individuals looking to stay out of the public eye, for those wanting a more convenient, private & personalized experience, or for someone looking to avoid or escape from the day-to-day high-volume stress of modern living.

Our Chiropractic care is a safe, drug free health care delivery option to de-stress your body, profoundly relieve pain, headaches, degenerative joint disease, injuries, Athletic Performance, Care for the Aging Body, Osteoporosis, Bone Health and many other issues. Treatment involves spinal adjustments that are used to balance the body to allow it to heal.

Treatments are custom designed for you, utilizing “the right tools” from our “diagnostic and therapeutic toolbox”, to get your body functioning better and with less pain.  Each patient's treatment plan and recommendations are unique just like they are!

The doctor utilizes up-to-date, modern examination and diagnostic technology similar to an EKG used by a cardiologist during a heart exam—which is a painless and soft reading taken on the surface of the skin. But instead of measuring heart muscle contractions, we measure the muscular contractions and compensation around the spine. The ScanVision Scanning sEMG exam is an electronic form of palpation, providing an objective means of quantifying an important measure of spinal health.  Just as a blood pressure cuff is used to track your cardiovascular health, the ScanVision electronic exam is used to track your spinal health.

This data assists the doctor in determining the proper course of care, the best treatment plan for each individual patient as well as to determine the level of progress each patient is making based on objective evidence and not on not just on your symptoms or the doctor’s opinion.  Combined with our many years of experience we develop an individualized treatment program that is based on the exact care your body needs.

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