Specialized Meal Plans And Lifestyle Programs

Specialized Meal Plans And Lifestyle Programs

Meal plans are “tailor-made” specially and specifically curated and designed recipes to support your healthy nutrition and diet; to support weaknesses in the diet or emphasize nutrients that are needed--might be missing, or don’t have enough. They can be made for specific periods of time, the duration of which is up to you in combination with your clinical recommendation guidelines. Meal plan designs will contain specific and ample amounts of calories and nutrients that will support the body systems you need the most support in. We will also provide personalized meal recommendations and coaching to help you build lasting, healthy eating habits.

The plans will allow you to make smart choices when traveling or when eating out. They provide specific for you grocery lists, exact action plans on how to collect and prepare your foods, and exact daily menus that you can manipulate to your needs or likings and conveniently allow you to use and avail yourself of left-overs. They also allow you to make easy and quick decisions when buying your foods, which will assist you to easily order from your favorite ordering service be it Amazon, Wholefoods, Instacart or your local supermarket. The amount of nutrition is pre-calculated for you so you don’t have to worry about anything other than getting what you need, preparing it, and sticking to it so that your food has the desired and necessary effects it’s supposed to have or should have on your body and in your life.


The following are just some examples of unique meal plans that can be formulated just for you:

Pain, Stress, and Anxiety Support: Nutrition plays an important role in managing anxiety by regulating neurotransmitters and blood sugar. This program is high in magnesium, vitamin B6, iron, and fiber to offer extra support during times of stress. This meal plan is a high fiber, high anti-oxidant, low in sugar, plan packed with nutrients to support the body during times of stress, buffer pain, and support recovery.

Brain Fuel Support: This meal plan is high in vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, and balanced proteins to buffer stress, increase energy, improve mental clarity, focus, memory and promote proper rest and sleep.

One Pan Meal Programs: Nutritious, flavorful, easy one pan meals designed to help make life less busy that the whole family will love.

Our Family-Friendly Programs are full of family favorites that can include or exclude animal products. Parents and children will enjoy recipes like pasta, sushi, tacos, and sloppy joes made with nutrient-dense foods or plans that are skewed to heavily plant based or fully plant based menus. The meals in these programs will also support bone health, the immune system, gut health and ensure an adequate fiber intake.

Prepare freezer-friendly meals and snacks in just minutes. This program will walk you through how to stock your freezer full of healthy meals in just three hours (or less). The prep guide outlines how to prepare and the meal plan shows how to use the freezer meals over seven days—or more depending on your needs. Serving sizes can be adjusted as needed to create even more freezer meals if desired.

Strictly plant-based, anti-oxidant-rich meal plans can be designed to support healthy immune systems and can be a part of what we can design for the right person seeking it. This program focuses on key nutrients that support the immune system including vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc and selenium. The meal plan is free from all animal products nutrients are derived exclusively from plant sources.

Our Intermittent Fasting Program provides balanced nutrition without frequent meals and snacks. Calories are distributed between two to three meals per day, which are intended to be consumed within a restricted eating window of approximately six hours—or to a preferred tolerance that makes sense to your particular body type.

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