It’s Time to Let the Sunshine In!

Did you know that the average house collects a shocking 40 pounds of dust per year? Dust is more than just the thin layer of dirt you see accumulating on your dining room table. Common household dust contains a variety of particles, many of them microscopic, including airborne bacteria that can actually make us sick. …

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The Love Triangle: Your Gut, Your Brain and Your Microbes

Did you know that the bacteria in your gut actually run the emotional part of your brain? It seems a bit far-fetched, but it's true! The emotions we have on a moment by moment basis are not just "out there somewhere" feelings that ebb and flow throughout the day. Instead, they are largely influenced by …

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Avoiding the Superbugs!

Antibiotics were lifesavers when first used during WWII. They kept our soldiers from dying of sepsis or other life-threatening infections brought on by surgery and injury. There’s no question that these drugs were important in that situation. But now, 70 years later, we are observing the unintended consequences from wide-spread overuse of this class of …

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3 Places to Clean Every Week

A home that is really lived in is bound to get dirty. Aside from the visible clutter that seems to accumulate as a result of our need for ‘things and stuff,’ dirt, bacteria, and other unwanted guests can, over time, make our home their home. There are three specific areas that often get overlooked but …

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5 Benefits of Sweating

Very few people wake up in the morning, excited about getting their sweat on. Social conventions don’t look kindly on sweaty armpits or glistening skin. But there are a number of positive reasons to incorporate regular sweating into your health program. Detoxification Believe it or not, your body expels one liter of sweat every single …

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