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Attention Ladies: It Might Be Time to Ditch Your Bra!

Although not accepted as being societally appropriate, abandoning your bra wherever and whenever possible might actually be beneficial for your health. Even more importantly, it could reduce your risk of breast cancer dramatically. For the past 30 years, researchers have been investigating the possible link between breast cancer and bras. Before you take comfort in …

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Surprising Risks of Oral Contraceptives

Since the 1960s, many women have used birth control pills to prevent unwanted pregnancies. The concept seems to be pretty ideal at its core: by preventing the ovaries from releasing an egg, there cannot be fertilization. But as you might expect, messing with the way mother nature has designed a woman’s body to work will …

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Is Your Skin Care Routine Affecting Your Thyroid?

With thousands of skin care products on the market, how do you know which one is best? Many of them are quite enticing, boasting labels claiming to reduce wrinkles, firm your skin, and basically defy the aging process on your face. But is this really true? More importantly, is it really safe? The Big Scary …

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Breast Cancer Protection

As the leading cause of cancer in women, breast cancer awareness has become a national movement. October is the only time of the year you will find grown men wearing pink T-shirts or pink bands proclaiming “I Love Breasts” around their wrists. Countless numbers of individuals and non-profit organizations, including the well-known Susan G. Komen …

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Self-Care Hacks for Busy Moms

Taking care of the family can be a huge job. Between planning and preparing meals, moms are also responsible for an almost infinite number of other roles including nurse, nanny, chauffeur, therapist, disciplinarian, teacher, and so on. As any parent knows, this can be incredibly rewarding but completely exhausting. So how do you find the …

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Women Need Female Friendships!

Human beings need connection, and that’s a reality most people won’t dispute. But technology, time, and work-life balance woes contribute to the breaking down of our personal and professional lives. This breakdown contributes greatly to regular anxiety, feelings of aloneness, and other mental wellness issues. Of course, this affects our health and our overall quality …

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