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"For years I have been battling this persistent and productive cough (the type that accompanies a bad cold or bronchitis). Unlike a bad cold however, which clears up in a couple of weeks, my cough was constant. No matter what time of day it was, what season, regardless if I was sick or not, I would always be coughing. This cough was bothersome and it had completely drained me. I constantly looked and felt tired.


I had tried seeing different professionals whom have all prescribed a multitude of treatments. Some of which were Mucinex, antibiotics, allergy medications, inhalers, nasal sprays and I even had a CAT scan performed all to no avail.

My family had suggested that I try herbal remedies but by that point I had been through so many options. I thought to myself, “what could herbals do for me that western medicine couldn’t?” With nothing to lose I decided to give it one last shot. I had chosen to see Dr. Bert Rodriguez-Munnet after finding him on Angie’s List.


After running a few tests, Dr. Bert had come to the conclusion that my body wasn't breaking down and absorbing food properly. This was causing a buildup of toxins in my body, which created my cough as a side effect. This was also why I was feeling so drained. I was given enzymes to help with digestion, a core complex formula (created specifically for me), and a natural cough syrup for when I needed it.


Within two weeks, I had already started seeing changes. I had more energy and I had even lost 5 lbs without diet or exercise (I believe this was from toxic bloat)! Gaining confidence, I had started to follow Dr. Bert’s advice to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into my diet. Slowly my cough was subsiding and within four months it was completely gone! For years I have had to live with this debilitating cough that Dr. Bert was able to rid in mere months!


Today I continue to see Dr. Bert for maintenance, immune system strengthening, treating infections, and even weight loss. I am so glad I decided to give herbal medication a try, and I am extremely thankful for Dr. Bert for giving me my life back! For all those that are dealing with an ailment, explore the possibility of herbals! Dr. Bert is amazing; I just wish I found him sooner!"

J. W.

"I just returned from a 3 week vacation with my family to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  While there, I regularly jogged 5 miles along the famous sidewalk of Copacabana Beach, and I climbed up steep trails to the tops of Sugar Loaf and Corcovado mountains.  I ran in the thick sands of Ipanema Beach, and I carried my 7 year old daughter on my shoulders on our many walks around the city.


What makes all of these exploits remarkable to me is that when I became your patient back in March, just walking was a pain-filled endeavor.  I had numbness in my legs and nagging pain in my lower back, and I feared that the damage I had done to my middle-aged body would be permanent. Now, I am running and climbing and lifting again without the least trouble.


You healed me, and for that, I am most grateful. What makes your treatment regimen even more remarkable is that it differed so starkly from a prognosis given to me by a chiropractor I had seen before making contact with you.  In my initial consult with that chiropractor, he suggested that I abandon jogging as a form of exercise.  He prescribed a treatment plan that would have been impossible to follow given my work and family responsibilities.  He also said that my treatment would not be effective without my purchasing his personal line of dietary supplements.


My first visit with you could not have been more different.  “Would I ever be able to jog again?”  I asked.  “I don’t see why not,” you replied.  You talked to me about nutrition, and introduced me to some wonderful foods such as Greek yogurt and pure cranberry juice, which are now part of my regular diet.


During my visits to your office, you explained each step in my treatment plan, making me feel like we were partners in my healing. When my tight schedule dictated that I bring my children to your office during my treatment sessions, you welcomed them with warmth and made them feel at home.


I write this letter strong of body and filled with gratitude.  I appreciated your holistic approach to healing me, and I have sung your praises to many of my friends and family.  Please feel free to share my letter with any of your prospective patients because I want them to know that I am one very satisfied customer of Advance Health and Wellness Solutions."

S. D.

"I have been a patient of Dr. Bert's for awhile now. I initially started seeing Dr. Rodriguez for chronic back pain and severe headaches. I had chronic migraines since I was a child. The medical doctors offered me all sorts of crazy drugs, including anti-seizure meds, and by the time I met Dr. Bert I had had a total of 11 spinal taps to remove the excess water which accumulates in my spine due to my condition. I didn't want a prescription to hide the pain or to sedate myself... anymore, I wanted solutions!! I was diagnosed with a cerebral pseudo tumor, and I refused to live with PAIN, I "Just had enough". I had never been to a chiropractor before or tried holistic medicine, but my pain was getting to a point where it was interfering with my daily life and the things I love, so I was willing to try anything. After-all, I had tried traditional medicine and was not getting any better. I am an educated professional and a single mom and I can't tell you how important it is to not live with a constant back pain, and headaches.


Dr. Bert is really dedicated to the art and science of chiropractic and a true healer. Before my initial adjustment he took the time to really get to understand my needs and target my problem areas. Also, he made sure that I understood the basics of chiropractic care. His staff, always so consistent in making sure all my questions and concerns are heard and addressed. Having been a patient over time I can tell you that they are truly dedicated to their patients. They are friendly and sincere and at this point my office visits are like going to hang out with friends (while throwing in an awesome adjustment from Dr. Bert of course). If you are looking for a chiropractor for the first time or are just looking for a new one, I strongly recommend him. Dr. Bert can really change your life. I now live free of medication and pain."

A. I.

"Thank you for your great care on Monday. I can tell that I released a lot physically and emotionally. I can definitely tell that my breathing capacity and heart circulation has improved greatly.


You are an amazing physician with your diagnostic and healing abilities. I have so much to learn, and hope that someday I can help others to the depth that you do. Your heart is larger than the universe, and I am very grateful for all you do."


"I have told people that if they’re happy enough popping pills to dull a pain or to fool themselves into believing that they have a nutritionally balanced diet, then they can get all they need over the counter at the local CVS. However, if they want to eliminate their need for pain pills in the first place, and/or truly understand their body chemistry, then they really need to go and see Dr. Bert.


I thoroughly enjoy my visits with Dr. Bert. He has the most pleasant demeanor and he honestly makes me feel like I’m his only patient and he’s my personal physician. I particularly like that he works toward a condition of physical wellbeing. Rather than just making someone feel better by addressing the symptoms of their condition, Dr. Bert also addresses the cause and he makes efforts to correct whatever it was that resulted in the manifestation of the ailment or condition in the first place.


On my first visit to Dr. Bert, I was complaining of lower back pain but he started looking at my feet. Now, I had never been to a Chiropractor before and gone in I’d expecting to be twisted into a pretzel and have my back cracked or popped like I’d seen on TV, but Dr. Bert wasn’t even looking at my back, so I was a bit confused. He continued with the examination, and Dr. Bert was able to accurately tell me where I had experienced “trauma” to different areas of the body. Now, I want to be sure you understand this, he told me about my past injuries, and he was correct. In particular, he was interested in my right leg. Not that he could have known, but twenty-five years ago, I suffered an injury that tore up the ligaments in my lower right leg. There are no scars on my leg, and I don’t limp or give any obvious indication of there ever being an injury, but Dr. Bert knew there had been a trauma. He then explained why he was looking at my legs and feet as the cause of lower back pain with the analogy of a leaky roof. His theory being that the wet patch you’d see on the ceiling, although being evidence of a leak in the roof, isn’t likely to be directly below the hole in the roof that’s letting the water in, but rather where the intruding water found a low point or a weakness. To fix the leak, you wouldn’t slap a coat of paint over the stain on the ceiling and consider the roof repaired, would you?


Well likewise, Dr. Bert suggested that my back pain (the stain on the ceiling) was likely to be the result of the weakness left by the trauma of that old leg injury. He determined that the ligaments in my leg were short and tight, and I was also suffering from fallen arches in my feet. The combination of these conditions was in his opinion, the cause of my lower back pain, or the hole in the roof so to speak. He gave me stretching exercises for the ligaments in my leg and he manipulated my feet to correct or at least improve the condition of the arches and adjust the way my bodyweight is distributed when I walk or stand. He didn’t twist me into a pretzel and he gave me no pain killer pills, because that would only be like painting the ceiling and he wanted to fix the leak.


The results are undeniable. I have almost no lower back pain, and I pop no pills. In all honesty, I do still have a weakness there, but when I feel discomfort returning to the area, I do the stretching exercises and pay attention to the distribution of weight on my feet when I walk or stand, and the discomfort in my back quickly disappears. Amazing.


During my initial consultation, Dr. Bert asked if I was taking any regular medications. I told him that I have a condition of Barrett’s Esophagus and I had been taking a single Nexium pill every day for several years to prevent acid reflux exacerbating the condition. He asked if I had ever tried to stop taking the Nexium. I told him that I had on occasion been without my Nexium for a few days, and when that happened I would experience acid reflux within 48 hours of my last pill. Dr. Bert asked me to consider a detox or cleansing process using common kitchen ingredients. I said I’d give it a go, and I did. The result being that I have not taken a Nexium pill in six months, and I have suffered no acid reflux. The Nexium was costing me $120 per month on my health insurance plan. Dr. Bert’s detox recipe had to be under $10 with everything bought at the local grocery store.


Dr. Bert’s examination process was also able to demonstrate an “imbalance” in my body chemistry. As he put it, I was fairly healthy, but my body was “running hot” meaning that it was working too hard to maintain that fairly healthy state. So Dr. Bert put me on dietary supplements and a customized formula to correct the imbalance in my body chemistry.


In analyzing the changes in my body chemistry and my reactions to the active components of his formulas, Dr. Bert determined that my thyroid was being starved of the iodine it needed in order to work properly. Dr. Bert explained that although my thyroid gland was perfectly functional, a lack of iodine was preventing the production of hormones necessary for normal digestive metabolism so he put me on an iodine rich, bladderwrack based formula.


Now, I‘ve always had a wee bit of a weight problem. At 45 years of age and six feet tall, I had a bodyweight of 265 lbs. and that’s not what you’d call being light on my feet. For over two years I have followed a fairly intense cardio exercise routine. In my daily 1½ hour sessions I lose between 5 and 7 lbs. although that’s mostly fluid of course, and I get most of it back as soon as I rehydrate, but this gives you an idea of the effort being made to control my weight. This regimen had decreased my bodyweight but I still couldn’t keep my weight below 220 lbs. for more than a couple of days, and if I missed a single day of exercise my bodyweight would increase by about 2 lbs. even though I was consuming well under 1,500 calories in a day. It seemed that I had a very slow metabolism. My primary physician even had my thyroid checked, but no problems were detected.


On Dr. Bert’s bladderwrack formula, I noticed no change in condition during the first week, but in the second week, wow! With no other changes to diet or exercise routine, I dropped 11 lbs. in weight and I felt wonderful. The loss of weight would obviously make me feel better about myself, but I was experiencing more than that. I honestly felt that I was in better condition, both mentally and physically. I was amazed at the difference so did some online research into iodine deficiency and found that I could identify with most of the common symptoms of the condition including; lethargy, fatigue, weight gain, weak nails, disappearing eyebrows, impaired memory, slow heartbeat (mine was 38 bmp) and apparently, depression. Although I have to say that my “depression” was very mild since I didn’t even know it was there until it was gone.


Now, I’m three weeks into Dr. Bert’s iodine rich regimen and I still feel fantastic. I wouldn’t have believed a dietary supplement could have had this sort of impact. I feel invigorated, my general attitude is improved, I even believe I’m more competent and capable in work, feeling less stress, strain, and frustration in my day. And would you believe that this morning I weighed in at only 206 lbs. Now what’s not to like about that?


I’m originally from Northern Ireland, and as soon as I tasted Dr. Bert’s bladderwrack formula I told him that it tasted like seaweed. Dr. Bert told me that it was seaweed, but more than that, he said it was Irish seaweed. I was able to identify the taste because in Northern Ireland we have a dried seaweed snack we call, dulse. Last week, as I related the results of Dr. Bert’s seaweed formula to my mother during our weekly telephone update, she was relaying the details point by point to my father over her shoulder. There’s no doubt that I am my father’s son, and like me, he has battled with his weight for years. Well, when he heard that I was on a seaweed supplement and I’d lost over 10 lbs. in a week, I heard him in the background asking, “Sure where the hell’s me coat? I’m away to the pier for a bag o’ dulse.” In this week’s update, I was told that my dad has lost 3 lbs. in weight, he says he’d have lost more, but the salty dulse gives him a thirst best quenched with a Guinness. With the number of people my mom has told about Dr. Bert’s seaweed formula, the local dulse sales have picked up considerably. In fact if things go on the way they’ve started, and word of the Dr. Bert’s formula spreads, Saint Patrick could have himself some competition in Irish culture, because nobody really cares about snakes anymore, do they?"

A. L.

"I came to see Dr. Bert because I currently suffer from migraines and my system has been run down because I’ve just had a baby, and of course I am not getting enough rest. I was also suffering from pain on my lateral left abdominal region.


I've only been to two visits, but thus far, the colon pain has improved. I'm doing his recommended cranberry drink detox and its helping me so very much thus far. As a healer myself, I believe in a healthy living lifestyle, so his care is reinforcing.


I've already recommended him to lots of my patients, family and friends. I'm also bringing my mother in a week, so she can benefit from his type of treatment.


I love the care and respect I received from both Dr. Bert and Annie at Advance Health and Wellness Solutions. They make a great team!"


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